What is the future of the UK mobile phone contract industry?

Granted, the unveiling of mobile phone contracts in the UK was well received and hailed as a step towards the right direction in so far as bridging the gap between the rich and poor is concerned. During the initial stages, there were concerns that UK mobile phone contract industry had a short lifespan or rather it wouldn’t stand the test of time. As it is now, it is now clear that those assumptions were simply based on unfounded fears and individuals who did not believe in the potential of mobile phone contracts. Within a few months of unveiling, thousands of UK citizens had joined the bandwagon and the popularity of mobile phone contracts in the UK continues to soar with every passing new day.



Amidst all the pomp and glamour, the wondrous benefits of mobile phone contracts and the fact that it has become rooted in the national fabric of the UK, the question on the lips of many people is what the future of the mobile phone industry will be. Are we going to see a change in tactic in so far as credit score is concerned? From inception, the idea was that only individuals with a good credit score could avail a contract phone. This rule of course saw thousands of UK citizens with a poor credit rating get locked out of a contract. There was, in hindsight, discrimination when it came to application and subsequent approval of mobile phone contracts.

This situation continued until the post-recession years when mobile phone providers had to change tact. It now came to their attention that having a bad credit score was unilaterally a function of financial irresponsibility. The economic downturn led to massive job losses, closure of businesses that hitherto had been considered immensely successful and the ripple effects of the same led mobile phone providers in the UK to go back to the drawing board. The result was the unveiling of bad credit mobile phones that essentially targeted those with no prior credit history as those whose credit history was less than average.

If there is anything that is clear, it has to do with the fact that over 90% of the UK households own a mobile phone and most prefer a mobile phone contract as compared to a Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan. The future of the mobile phone contracting industry can therefore be said to be bright. With new high end handsets being released every other day, mobile phone contracts remain the only plausible way of enjoying the services of the latest mobile phones without having to pay for the same upfront. The mushrooming of mobile phone contract providers jostling for a pie of the national cake in terms of the customers is also indicative of the fact that the UK mobile phone contract industry is just bound to scale the ladders and cover more ground.


Acceptance of those with a poor credit history not to mention the mushrooming of custom suit contracts for them is an indication that the future can never be so bright. I mean, when you compare pay as you go with mobile phone contracts, you will understand why the mobile phone contract industry is not going anywhere. People rely on mobile phone contracts to get free handsets, free minutes, free texts, data bundles as well as the flexibility of paying for the same over a prolonged period of time.

Why reading reviews is important before you settle on a UK mobile phone contract

The mobile phone industry has gone in leaps and bounds over the years. A sneak peek online and you will notice that new phones are being manufactured daily. The demand for new mobile phones is not about to go down any time soon if the affliction for the latest gadgets in the market is anything to go by. Mobile phones have morphed from gadgets we used for doing basic functions such as calling and texting to gadgets that we rely on for virtually everything. Whether its GPS navigation, taking elegant pictures or socializing as well as shopping online, mobile phones have indeed redesigned the way we go about our duties and even interact.


For this reason, most UK individuals view mobile phones as an important asset, something that is a right rather than a privilege. Gone are the days when owning a mobile phone was a preserve of the affluent in the society. Today, over 90% UK households own a mobile phone and this is testimony of how essential a mobile phone is. In light of this, applying for a UK mobile phone contract in the contemporary society that we live in is a rule rather than an exception. The proliferation of UK mobile phone contract providers is testimony to the fact that a mobile phone is a basic need in the 21st century.

That said, there are a clique of UK individuals that simply apply for a phone contract without regard to reputation of the provider in question. For this reason, great emphasis has been on individuals to take their time and read reviews of various providers before applying or choosing a given UK mobile phone contractor. But why should a person read reviews prior to choosing a given mobile phone contract provider?

It’s essential that you apply for a UK mobile phone contract from a provider with a solid and good reputation. Of course, as a person applying for a contract for the very first time, you might not be conversant with the best providers in the industry hence the need to read reviews and only settle for a provider with the best reputation.

Compare deals
Different providers offer different deals or mobile phone contract packages. Reading reviews ensure that you compare deals of different providers and settle on one that is most affordable. In as much as cost plays an important role in your decision, it’s essential that you compare deals and ensure that you get value for the money you ultimately pay.

Customer services
Excellent customer services is something that we all expect when applying for a mobile phone contract. However, it’s correct to say that most providers offer poor services and hence the need to read reviews of given providers to find out what it is that others are saying about their services. Reviews of past customers will give you a clear picture of how professional the customer personnel of a given provider are, how they respond to queries and the speed with which they do, how they resolve customer complaints and so on and so forth.

You cannot know the history of a given UK mobile phone contract provider without reading their comprehensive review. In most cases, it’s safe to apply for a mobile phone contract with a provider that has been around for a certain period of time. Such a provider has been tried and tested and therefore you can be rest assured you are in safe hands. Reviews also bring out information as to whether a UK provider is licensed or not.

In light of the above, there is no reason as to why you should apply for a UK mobile phone contract blindly. Always read reviews and get handy information before making the final decision on who to do business with.