What is the future of the UK mobile phone contract industry?

Granted, the unveiling of mobile phone contracts in the UK was well received and hailed as a step towards the right direction in so far as bridging the gap between the rich and poor is concerned. During the initial stages, there were concerns that UK mobile phone contract industry had a short lifespan or rather it wouldn’t stand the test of time. As it is now, it is now clear that those assumptions were simply based on unfounded fears and individuals who did not believe in the potential of mobile phone contracts. Within a few months of unveiling, thousands of UK citizens had joined the bandwagon and the popularity of mobile phone contracts in the UK continues to soar with every passing new day.



Amidst all the pomp and glamour, the wondrous benefits of mobile phone contracts and the fact that it has become rooted in the national fabric of the UK, the question on the lips of many people is what the future of the mobile phone industry will be. Are we going to see a change in tactic in so far as credit score is concerned? From inception, the idea was that only individuals with a good credit score could avail a contract phone. This rule of course saw thousands of UK citizens with a poor credit rating get locked out of a contract. There was, in hindsight, discrimination when it came to application and subsequent approval of mobile phone contracts.

This situation continued until the post-recession years when mobile phone providers had to change tact. It now came to their attention that having a bad credit score was unilaterally a function of financial irresponsibility. The economic downturn led to massive job losses, closure of businesses that hitherto had been considered immensely successful and the ripple effects of the same led mobile phone providers in the UK to go back to the drawing board. The result was the unveiling of bad credit mobile phones that essentially targeted those with no prior credit history as those whose credit history was less than average.

If there is anything that is clear, it has to do with the fact that over 90% of the UK households own a mobile phone and most prefer a mobile phone contract as compared to a Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan. The future of the mobile phone contracting industry can therefore be said to be bright. With new high end handsets being released every other day, mobile phone contracts remain the only plausible way of enjoying the services of the latest mobile phones without having to pay for the same upfront. The mushrooming of mobile phone contract providers jostling for a pie of the national cake in terms of the customers is also indicative of the fact that the UK mobile phone contract industry is just bound to scale the ladders and cover more ground.


Acceptance of those with a poor credit history not to mention the mushrooming of custom suit contracts for them is an indication that the future can never be so bright. I mean, when you compare pay as you go with mobile phone contracts, you will understand why the mobile phone contract industry is not going anywhere. People rely on mobile phone contracts to get free handsets, free minutes, free texts, data bundles as well as the flexibility of paying for the same over a prolonged period of time.